Neither Calvinist Nor Arminians but Baptist

Neither Calvinists nor Arminians but Baptists September 2010 White Paper 36 Are You Calvinists or Arminians? There is a question that many professional theologians, pastors and students, as well as theologically-minded Christians in the local churches, are being asked these days: Are you Calvinists or Arminians? More specifically, in our case, are the authors who […]

Islam and Calvinism:an Uncomfortable Comparison

Islam and Calvinism:An Uncomfortable Comparison By Phil Congdon In a packed baseball stadium a few days after 9/11, a Christian minister stood to pray. The minister began: “We pray in the name of our God—the God of Christianity, Judaism, and Islam…” Ever since the attack on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon, politicians and […]

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