Eternal Security- Once Saved Always Saved

ETERNAL SECURITY – ONCE SAVED, ALWAYS SAVED Jesus Never Lets Go When discussing the Biblical doctrine of eternal security, it is important to understand its distinction from one’s assurance of salvation. Eternal security is addressed in Romans 8:28-39. The assurance of one’s salvation is addressed in the book of I John (see 5:13 for example). […]

Election:to Eternal Life or to service?

Election:to Eternal Life or to service?   To “elect” something, simply means to “choose” it, and there isn’t a single verse in the Bible that says God elects individuals for eternal life or for eternal death. When you look up the passages dealing with God’s elections or choices, you find they are to service and […]

Romans 9 and the calvinist Doctrine of REPROBATION

  ROMANS 9 AND THE CALVINIST DOCTRINE OF REPROBATION by Eric Hankins, PhD Eric Hankins is pastor of First Baptist Fairhope in Fairhope, Calvinist theologian Wayne Grudem defines reprobation as “the sovereign decision of God before creation to pass over some persons, in sorrow deciding not to save them, and to punish them for […]

Calvinisms Determinism

Calvinisms Determinism You will see,that according God not only allows,terrible atrocious event He ordains them and all things that happen is ultimately to His glory I remember the good ol’ days when Calvinists talked about God’s holiness and seemed to imply that He was entirely separate from evil and opposed to it. I remember when […]

Favourite Calvinists questions with good responses

Favourite Calvinists questions with good responses   The following is a question often asked by calvinist and good responses by members of FB group FB Preacher & Bible Friends Looking for the best answers from the collective wisdom of this group to the favourite Calvinist question “ why do some believe and not others ”? […]

Calvinism explained on 26 seconds.

Calvinism explained on 60 seconds.This is absolutely abhorrent to scripture.Beware of of Calvinism. Col 2:8 Beware lest any man spoil you through philosophy and vain deceit, after the tradition of men, after the rudiments of the world, and not after Christ   Another Gospel Another God Another Jesus

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