Union with Christ

The Believer’s Fourfold Union With Christ – By John Woodward   When our Lord Jesus was giving His farewell address to His disciples the night before His crucifixion, they desperately needed comfort. Having been with Christ for over three years, they faced the grim prospect of being separated from the Lord. How could they go […]

20 Distortions of scripture by Calvinism

20 DISTORTIONS OF THE BIBLE BY CALVINIST 1- John 3:16 says : GOD SO LOVED THE “WORLD” Calvinist says : GOD SO LOVED ONLY THE “ELECTS” and the rest are PREDESTINED TO HELL and that is called “JUSTICE OF GOD” 2- 1 Tim 2:4 says : God WILL IS FOR “ALL MEN” TO BE SAVED […]

It is for freedom Christ has set us free

The lamb was slain before Adam ever sinned. ⏸ Pause ⏸ Breath in… Now breath out. Say after me… The lamb was slain before sin was committed. The blood of Jesus was not shed physically… It was shed spiritually – before the world was ever created. What happened on the cross is only a physical […]

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