Calvinism & Arminianism:Myths And Realities

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Arminianism: Myths and Realities

Calvinism: Myths and Realities

Arminians teach that Salvation can be lost
Arminians give False Assurance
Arminianism teaches Salvation by Works
Arminians teach salvation by Free Will
Arminians take Credit for their Salvation
Arminianism cheapens Grace
Arminianism violates Double Jeopardy
Arminianism denies Calvary’s Substitution
Arminianism robs God of Glory
Arminianism denies God’s Sovereignty
Arminianism denies God’s Providence
Arminianism celebrates Man’s Ability
Arminianism denies Man’s Depravity
Arminianism denies Original Sin
Arminianism says that Jesus “tries.”
Arminianism teaches an Unhappy God
Arminianism makes God a Failure
Arminianism makes God Feeble
Arminians hate Predestination & Election
Arminianism de-personalizes Election
Arminianism is a “Crystal Ball” theory
Arminianism denies God’s Wrath
Arminians misrepresent Calvinism
Arminians rely on Straw Man arguments
Arminians misinterpret “Whosoever Will”
Arminianism is Man-Centered
Arminianism magnifies Man’s Will
Arminianism makes salvation an Accident
Arminians reject “The Doctrines of Grace”
Arminianism is Illogical
Arminianism is driven by Fear
Arminians are spiritually Immature
Arminianism is Pelagianism
Arminianism leads to Open Theism
Arminianism leads to Catholicism
Arminianism leads to Universalism
Arminianism leads to Liberalism
Arminianism is essentially Atheism
Arminianism overthrows biblical Inerrancy
Arminian Free Will is an Idol
Arminianism is not Evangelical
Arminianism stiffles Evangelism
Arminians deny the Lazarus Metaphor
Arminians reverse the order of Salvation
Arminianism allows Evil to be Born
Arminianism denies God His Throne
Arminianism also has a “Problem of Evil”
Arminianism denies the purpose of sin
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