Calvinisms Determinism

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Calvinisms Determinism

You will see,that according God not only allows,terrible atrocious event He ordains them and all things that happen is ultimately to His glory

I remember the good ol’ days when Calvinists talked about God’s holiness and seemed to imply that He was entirely separate from evil and opposed to it. I remember when light and darkness weren’t mixed. When there was no harmony between Christ and Belial. When plotting sin, evil, and wickedness were the devil’s domain. When God took his own advice to “have nothing to do with the fruitless deeds of darkness.” Ah, the good ol’ days.

James 1:13-14 RCV (Revised Calvinist Version)

13 When tempted, no one should say, “God is tempting me.” For God cannot be tempted by evil, nor does he tempt anyone; 14 Why would he bother with temptation when he can just decree people to commit the evil that is in his heart?

Quotes confirming Calvinist saying God determines ALL things that occur,at all times,bey the council of His own will,before the foundation of the World.

John Calvin

“thieves and murderers, and other evildoers, are instruments of divine providence, being employed by the Lord himself to execute judgments which he has resolved to inflict.” (John Calvin, Institutes of Christian Religion, Book 1, Chapter 17, Paragraph 5)

“The devil, and the whole train of the ungodly, are in all directions, held in by the hand of God as with a bridle, so that they can neither conceive any mischief, nor plan what they have conceived, nor how muchsoever they may have planned, move a single finger to perpetrate, unless in so far as he permits, nay unless in so far as he commands, that they are not only bound by his fetters but are even forced to do him service” (John Calvin, Institutes of Christian Religion, Book 1, Chapter 17, Paragraph 11)

”He testifies that He creates light and darkness, forms good and evil (Isaiah 45:7); that no evil happens which He hath not done (Amos 3:6). Let them tell me whether God exercises His judgments willingly or unwillingly.” (John Calvin, Institutes of Christian Religion, Book 1, Chapter 18, Paragraph 3)

“I admit that in this miserable condition wherein men are now bound, all of Adam’s children have fallen by God’s will.” (John Calvin,Institutes of Christian Religion, Book 3, Chapter 23, Paragraph 4)

“Again I ask: whence does it happen that Adam’s fall irremediably involved so many peoples, together with their infant offspring, in eternal death unless because it so pleased God? The decree is dreadful indeed, I confess. Yet no one can deny that God foreknew what end man was to have before he created him, and consequently foreknew because he so ordained by his decree. And it ought not to seem absurd for me to say that God not only foresaw the fall of the first man, and in him the ruin of his descendants, but also meted it out in accordance with his own decision.” (John Calvin, Institutes of Christian Religion, Book 3, Chapter 23, Paragraph 7)

“God . . . brings about all things in accordance with his will. In other words, it isn’t just that God manages to turn the evil aspects of our world to good for those who love him; it is rather that he himself brings about these evil aspects for his glory (see Ex. 9:13-16; John 9:3) and his people’s good (see Heb. 12:3-11; James 1:2-4). This includes—as incredible and as unacceptable as it may currently seem—God’s having even brought about the Nazis’ brutality at Birkenau and Auschwitz as well as the terrible killings of Dennis Rader and even the sexual abuse of a young child…”
John Piper

“All things that happen…come to pass because God ordained them…every evil thought, word, and deed in all of history….He has foreordained everything…the mistake of a typist —even sin….” (Palmer, the five points of calvinism, pp. 24, 25, 82, 97-100, 116);

“God wills all things that come to pass…God desired for man to fall into sin…God created sin.” (R.C. Sproul, Jr., Almighty Over All, p. 54)

“Nothing comes to pass contrary to his decree. Nothing happens by chance. Even moral evil, which he abhors and forbids, occurs ‘by the determinate counsel and foreknowledge of God.’”

~William Shedd


“We neither can do more good than we do, nor less evil than we do; because God from eternity has precisely decreed that both the good and the evil be so done.”

John Piscator

James White’s response to a question “does God decree child rape”
Answer: “yes, otherwise it’s a meaningless evil.”

Plainly it was God’s will that sin should enter this world, otherwise it would not have, for nothing happens except what God has eternally decreed. Moreover, there was more than a simple permission, for God only permits things that fulfill his purpose./-A.W. Pink, The Sovereignty of God, 2009, 162

So when I say that everything that exists — including evil — is ordained by an infinitely holy and all-wise God to make the glory of Christ shine more brightly, I mean that, one way or the other, God sees to it that all things serve to glorify his Son.”/ John Piper, Spectacular Sins: And Their Global Purpose in the Glory of Christ

Moral evil we usually refer to as sin: murder, lying, adultery, stealing, all the ways that people fail to love each other. So what we are considering here is that God rules the world in such a way that all calamities and all sin remain in his ultimate control and therefore within his ultimate DESIGN and PURPOSE. / John Piperon his website 1 July 1998


God wills all things that come to pass…God desired for man to fall into sin. I am not accusing God of sinning; I am suggesting that God created sin. / R.C. Sproul, Jr. Almighty Over All

If there is one single molecule in this universe running around loose, totally free of God’s sovereignty, then we have no guarantee that a single promise of God will ever be fulfilled. / R.C. Sproul.

I wish very frankly and pointedly to assert that if a man gets drunk and shoots his family, it was the will of God that he should do it…”
Gordon Clark, Religion, Reason, and Revelation

God controls everything that is and everything that happens. There is not one thing that happens that he has not actively decreed – not even a single thought in the mind of man. Since this is true, it follows that God has decreed the existence of evil, he has not merely permitted it, as if anything can originate and happen apart from his will and power. Since we have shown that no creature can make completely independent decisions, evil could never have started without God’s active decree, and it cannot continue for one moment longer apart from God’s will. God decreed evil ultimately for his own glory, although it is not necessary to know or to state this reason to defend Christianity from the problem evil. / Vincent Cheung – Problem of evil


Those who see that it is impossible to altogether disassociate God from the origination and continuation of evil nevertheless try to distance God from evil by saying that God merely “permits” evil, and that he does not cause any of it. However, since Scripture itself states that God actively decrees everything, and that nothing can happen apart from his will and power, it makes no sense to say that he merely permits something –nothing happens by God’s mere permission. / Vincent Cheung – Problem of evil

”Yes, because if not then it‟s meaningless and purposeless and though God knew it was going to happen he created without a purpose…and God is responsible for the creation of despair. If [God] didn‟t [decree child rape] then that rape is an element of meaningless evil that has no purpose.”/ James White.

“Plainly it was God’s will that sin should enter this world, otherwise it would not have entered, for nothing happens except what God has eternally decreed. Moreover, there was more than a simple permission, for God only permits things that fulfill his purpose.”[25]

A.W. Pink

“The Reformed [Calvinists] agree that God knows what would happen under all conditions, but they reject the notion that this knowledge is ever ultimately based on man’s autonomous decisions. Human decisions, they argue, are themselves the effects of God’s eternal decrees.”
John Frame
In this clip James White and Jeff Durban state that God purposed the Holocaust, sex trafficking etc.

“…to deny God’s foreknowledge is to deny HIs omniscience…But we must go further: not only…did His omniscient eye see Adam eating of the forbidden fruit, but He DECREED beforehand that we SHOULD do so.” Arthur Pink “The Sovereignty of God” 249.

“When Reformed Christians are questioned on whether God is the “author of sin,” they are
too quick to say, “No, God is not the author of sin.” And then they twist and turn and writhe
on the floor, trying to give man some power of “self-determination,”1 and some kind of
freedom that in their minds would render man culpable,2 and yet still leave God with total
On the other hand, when someone alleges that my view of divine sovereignty makes God
the author of sin, my reaction is “So what?” Those who oppose me stupidly chant, “But he
makes God the author of sin, he makes God the author of sin.” However, a description does
not amount to an argument or objection, and I have never come across a decent explanation
as to what is wrong with God being the author of sin in any theological or philosophical
work written by anybody from any perspective.
The truth is that, whether or not God is the author of sin, there is no biblical or rational
problem with him being the author of sin…”
Vincent Cheung. From the introduction to his book titled: “The Author of Sin”



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