Can You lose your Salvation?

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Can You Lose Your Salvation


First I would like to ask a question. Why would Jesus say Depart from me, I never knew you“? Click link for the answer.

Here is the menu for the items in this long file of explanations. At any point you may return to the top by clicking on “Return to Top”, which will bring you right back here to this menu. Copy starts below menu which begins with a admonition from Jesus about those “false Christians” who will be surprised when they stand before Him on Judgment Day.

What does “Believe in Him” mean?

Scriptures showing the Act of believing in Jesus is associated with salvation

Those truly saved Will not lose their salvation

Do you believe?

Can you sin your whole life and receive salvation?

Living in Holiness

Should we trust our feelings?

Denominational Beliefs

What do the Greeks words for salvation mean?

About the Corinthians

Teaching the doctrine of losing one’s salvation is a sin.

Mockery of the new birth

When people abandoned the church or teaching of the apostles, these scriptures indicate they were never saved in the first place

To put things in perspective, this describes the nature of the “new creature”

The following 6 categories contain scripture sounding like you can lose your salvation

Those not saved in first place

A confusing scripture

Physical persecution

Loss of Reward

Facing Physical Judgment and Death



Anointing of the Holy Spirit

Are we to do good only to other Christians and forget our neighbors

Assembling Ourselves Together

Assurance of our Salvation…and a test to determine if you’re obedient to Christ


Can we live as we want after salvation?

Failure of Faith

Foreknowledge or Predestination

Inerrant Word of God


Joy of salvation


No one comes to Jesus unless the Father sends them

Old Testament Scripture Telling of the Coming of Christ





Saved by Grace

Sealing of the Holy Spirit


Sin separates us from God

Temptation isn’t from God

The observance of the Sabbath

Why doesn’t God answer some people’s prayers?

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