Must Faith Endure?

Must Faith Endure for Salvation to Be Sure?: A Biblical Study of the Perseverance versus Preservation of the Saints Kindle Edition Christians who follow the Bible readily acknowledge that faith in Jesus Christ is necessary for eternal salvation. But if faith is necessary to be saved in the first place, then what happens when a […]

Eternal Security- Once Saved Always Saved

ETERNAL SECURITY – ONCE SAVED, ALWAYS SAVED Jesus Never Lets Go When discussing the Biblical doctrine of eternal security, it is important to understand its distinction from one’s assurance of salvation. Eternal security is addressed in Romans 8:28-39. The assurance of one’s salvation is addressed in the book of I John (see 5:13 for example). […]

The absurdity of Rejecting Eternal Security

The Absurdity of Rejecting Eternal Security Please note,if loss of salvation was possible,ALL that God Had done in the Born Again person would have to be undone by God God saved us He would have to UN save us. People who hold to loss of salvation,say its because of what we do,that would lead to […]

Eternal Security in the OT and NT

Eternal Security in the O.T. Credit goes to Paul Ellis,who graciously allows use of His resources © Paul Ellis and, (2010-2018). For list of articles addressing objections to Eternal Security scroll to bottom of page also by Paul Ellis And much more good scriptural articles on his website An incomplete list of Old Testament scriptures […]

Eternal Security :John 10:22-30

Eternal Security :John 10:22-30 ETERNAL SECURITY: WHO BELIEVES IN IT? Posted on SEPTEMBER 19, 2012 Posted by JIM MILLIGAN Later today, we will begin our final example of Emphatic Negation as included in the Gospel of John Chapter 10.  This passage of Scripture will deal with the issue of “Eternal Security.”  Based upon the meta […]

Eternal Security By James M.Rochford

Eternal Security By James M. Rochford The debate over eternal security persists in Christian circles: If Christians come to faith in Christ by accepting the free gift of salvation, is it possible to lose this by rejecting Christ or even returning the gift? Before we consider the biblical evidence for and against the doctrine of […]

Eternal Security a hotly debated topic

Etenal Security is a hotly debated topic within Christian circles. My position as Owner,site builder of this site it is obvious that  I believe Eternal Life is Secure in Christ. That John 3:14-18 is without a doubt the greatest assurance we can have By Jesus Himself Joh 3:14  And as Moses lifted up the serpent in […]

Jesus Christ Our Passover and His Unlimited Atonement – Proof that Limited Atonement is False

JESUS CHRIST OUR PASSOVER AND HIS UNLIMITED ATONEMENT – PROOF THAT LIMITED ATONEMENT IS FALSE. BY RESEARCH AUTHORS (DISCERNING THE WORLD) · PUBLISHED 22 JUNE, 2013 · UPDATED 30 AUGUST, 2017 Jesus Christ Our Passover and His Unlimited Atonement – Proof that Limited Atonement is False By Steven M. McCalip There are several articles on […]

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