Justification by Faith And James 2

Justification by Faith and James 2 ”You see that a person is justified by what he does and not by faith alone.” (James 2:24.) We are justified by faith, but our faith is justified by our works. If we read through the second chapter of James, we see that it’s in a context of grace, […]

Legalism a zeal for God,or Self?

Legalism: A Zeal for God, or Self? David Henke Jesus had a special relationship with the scribes, Pharisees and Sadducees. Eight times in Matthew 23 He called them hypocrites, saying “Woe unto you scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites” (Matthew 23:13-29). What was it about the scribes and Pharisees that would explain Jesus’ confrontational attitude? What lessons […]

Why do the book of James and Romans seem to disagree?

WHY DO THE BOOK OF JAMES AND ROMANS SEEM TO DISAGREE? Question:  In James 2, the Bible says “faith without works is dead”;while Romans 4 says a person is “justified by faith without works.” What is the answer? Answer:  The answer is really very simple, when you remember two basic principles. First, is our justification […]

Where does Faith come from?

Where Does Faith Come From? Faith of the Son of God or Your Faith? What is faith? The word “faith” in the Bible has several definitions depending on the context in which it is used. How a person believes can be defined as faith. A person is said to be strong in faith when he […]

How can I be Saved and Know for sure I will goto Heaven?

  There’s a New Day Dawning Children and young adults rarely think about tomorrow. The vigor of youth deludes us into thinking we are invincible. But as we grow older we begin to realize how vulnerable we really are—to disease, to accidents, to violent crime. One day the thought strikes home quite suddenly: “Someday I […]

Faith Without Works

No passage in all of Scripture has been so misunderstood as James 2:14-26.  “Faith without works is dead” is used again and again by those who would add works to salvation as their proof text.  Most Christians don’t know how to explain James 2:14-26; therefore, when those who teach falsely use James to prove their point, seldom […]

Reason works does not work for Salvation

10 reasons works does not work for Salvation 1.) Biblical Salvation is a FREE GIFT OF GOD HIMSELF. Ephesians 2:8-9 King James Version (KJV) “8 For BY GRACE ARE YE SAVED THROUGH FAITH; and that NOT OF YOURSELVES: it is the GIFT OF GOD: 9 NOT OF WORKS, lest any man should boast.” 2.) If […]

10 reasons Lordship salvation is NOT Biblical

10 reasons Lordship salvation is NOT Biblical   Exactly what do we mean when we say, “Lordship Salvation”? We are talking about the false doctrine that says that in order for a person to be saved, he must make Jesus the Lord of his life. If that doctrine were true, then no one could be […]

Faith and Works Paul v James

Faith and Works: Paul vs. James   One of the thorniest textual problems any Christian can face is the apparent contradiction between Paul and James. Is justification by faith, as Paul claims, or by works, as James seems to say? This problem actually has a very simple solution. For some Christians, one of the thorniest […]

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