Another Gospel=Anathema=accursed Of God

Gal 1:6  I marvel that ye are so soon removed from him that called you into the grace of Christ unto another gospel: Gal 1:7  Which is not another; but there be some that trouble you, and would pervert the gospel of Christ. Gal 1:8  But though we, or an angel from heaven, preach any other gospel unto […]

Cults,Helpful resources,websites exposing them.

Cults,Helpful resources,websites exposing them.   What Is a Cult? by ARC on November 7, 2018 in By Clete Hux –What do you think of when you hear the word “cult”? For many of us, that word conjures up images of Jim Jones and Jonestown, Guiana, where some 900 people in […]

New Age in the Church

New Age in the Church Order The Second Coming of the New Age Official Collection at: New Age movement has returned with full force in our culture taking the West and its churches by storm. All across North America, Christian churches have unknowingly encouraged occult beliefs and practices far removed from what the Bible […]


THE KINGDOM OF THE CULTS (REVISED) by WALTER MARTIN HANK HANEGRAAFF, GENERAL EDITOR BETHANY HOUSE PUBLISHERS Minneapolis, Minnesota, 55438 A Division of Bethany Fellowship, Inc. COPYRIGHTS AND PERMISSIONS Copyrights The Kingdom of the Cults (Revised) Copyright © 1965, 1977, 1985, 1997 The Estate of Walter Martin. Electronic Edition STEP Files Copyright © 1997, Parsons Technology, […]


False prophets,teacher,visions,WOF,NAR,Apostles,Healers Galations1:1Paul, an apostle — sent not from men norby man, but by Jesus Christ and God the Father, who raised Him from the dead —2andallthebrotherswithme,To thechurchesof Galatia:   3Graceandpeaceto youfromGodourFatherandthe LordJesusChrist,  4whogaveHimselfforoursinstorescueusfromthepresentevilage,according tothewillof ourGodandFather,5to whom begloryforeverandever.Amen.  6I am astonished how quickly you are deserting the One who called you by the grace of […]