Debunking Calvinism one verse at a time

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 Mike Winger Streamed live on Sep 11, 2018

I present this in Christian brotherhood to my fellow believers. Expand this description for TIME STAMPS for the video…

I am not intending to attack or misrepresent Calvinism but to offer an honest biblical critique of what I see as one of the major pillars in Calvinism. I welcome responses and encourage them to stay on topic and to focus on clear exegesis. However, if a comment or response ignores what I am saying and how I am building my case biblically I probably won’t give it much time.
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TIME STAMPS donated by Anne L (thank you Anne!)
0:00 – INTRO. Emphasizing: Bible focused discussion, “family” discussion. Explaining the discussion´s structure (Scriptures. Calvinists´ quotes. Proving point that a central pillar of Calvinism is biblically wrong. Questions and Answers session)
2:39 – Topic/Question discussed in this Live Stream: “Is faith a work” – what does the Bible say & does Calvinism teach faith as work
Bible verses: Romans 3:20 ff, especially 3:27. 4:1-6; 4:13-16. Galatians 2:16 (minute 10:00), 3:5-6. Key points established: Bible contrasts work with faith, justification by faith vs work-righteousness, one rules out the other
11:53 – Conclusion: “Faith equals grace; faith equals ´no boasting´; faith equals `all credit to God`”
12:13 – “why am I covering this topic?”
13:14 – Re-stating conclusions from Bible verses above
14:25 – quote of R.C. Sproul on Monergism & Synergism (important concepts for the Calvinist/Non-Calvinist debate)
17:29 – the relation/ use of M. and S. in regard to salvation
18:03 – Calvinist take on Monergism and how faith when viewed as a free choice based, decision-making act is defined as being synergism. “You did some of the work”
18:29 – first clear disagreement: Bible verses just proved faith is not a work
19:13 – intro to James White´s take on the Monergism/Synergism topic
19:51 – uninterrupted excerpt of James White video statement
20:53– commentary on J. White´s statement; mentioning also classic synergist beliefs such as JWs, Mormons, Islam and Catholicism and their grace plus works bottom-line
22:50 – White´s use of the concept of Synergism in regard to faith (“in believing I´m doing some of the saving”) unbiblical
26:05 – R.C. Sproul junior twofold quote on “Is faith a work”; commentary
28:35 – quote on “is faith a work”; commentary
31:55 – going through the online “TULIP test” and why it is misleading
37:56 – going through Calvinists´ answers to Mike´s FB and Twitter account poll:
a) “Do you consider faith to be a work in the sense that it merits anything?”
b) “If not then how can a non-Calvinist position be considered synergism?”
47:35 – PART III: Q&A SESSION (addressing objections from Calvinist audience first)
short comments on Acts 13:48; John 6:44; Peter 2:8
52:40 – responding to reader´s suggestion to have a debate with James White
53:24 – responding to comment “I am a Calvinist and never heard that faith is a work”
54:00 – short comments on Ephesians 2:8; Matthew 16:17
59:40 – on the importance of pastors and teachers handling Scripture verses sincerely (a call for integrity)
1:00:23 – the “dead in trespasses” point and Lazarus analogy
1:02:50 – quick recap of objections
1:03:53 – questions from Non-Calvinist readers
reader´s question: What does sufficiency of Scriptures mean, not mean
1:06:11 – reader´s question: Is Calvinism dangerous
1:07:30 – answering reader´s plead to exegete “the golden chain of redemption” in Rom. 8:28-30
1:08:06 – reader´s question: Do you believe in “once saved, always saved”
1:09:35 – summing up what the video is about when reading another Calvinist asking “Isn´t faith a work when we have the choice to believe or not?”
1:11:17 – “Do I want you to change from Calvinist to Non-Calvinist”
1:11:45 – OUTRO. Topic of next week´s livestream: the “Passion” translation. Appeal to listen to and learn from each other as a healthy Christian thing to do. Mike informing that he won´t be able time-wise to respond to comments apart from the first hours post-stream. Welcoming Calvinists to share opinion. Blessings


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