Happens to Christians Who Commit Suicide?

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What Happens to Christians Who Commit Suicide?

Below is an article,what happens to a person who commits suicide.If the person is saved.They will goto be with the Lord.

Firstly I want to share my testimony reguarding suicide.

I was born again in 1972 at the age of 17 at a Baptist Youth Camp

O er time I was involved in ministry to the Indigenous people of Australia.Running bible studies in a Independent Baptist Church.

My then wife,moved to an area where the only church at the time was AOG.As time went by,I was asked to preach and held bible studies in my own home and by invitation,in other people’s homes .Eventually was asked to be an Elder.Now I had spoken to the Pastors and Elders about my position reguarding Eternal Security,which I believed in.They said it was ok for me to preach and teach it,Even tho the official position of the AOG was Salvation could be lost.Then I was offered pastor credentials.This was difficult,because I knew that if I accepted the credential,I would then have to comply to the AOG position of losing salvation.So I declined the offer.

A couple of years later,I moved to the city and again attended a AOG church,where it turned out there were quite a few members who held to Eteranl Security.Again was asked to preach and hold bible studies.THEN

I had started a Electrical contracting business,and was at times working 7 days a week.The pastor and his wife came to my home and basically said not attendance of all services,I could no longer preach,teach.It devastated me.And vowed to never set foot in a church again.Over reaction yes,keep reading.

My business became successful,I had a turnover of 1 million dollars and increasing.My personal wealth increased with multiple investment homes.I was working 100 hrs per week.I was drinking excessively,Working hard playing harderSeperated from wife and womanising.,Then!!!

I went to work 5:30 am as usual to get things ready for my staff and sub contractors.They arrived at 7:30 and left to do their assigned jobs and as the last one left.I slumped my head on my desk and started sobbing uncontrollably.I locked up,drove the short distance home and literally opened my car door and collapsed on the floor of the garage,absolutely distraught,curdled up in the feotle,position .It seems for several hours.I got up and rang by parents and said I think I e had a breakdown.They rushed around,counselled me , Very Godly parents,but it went in one ear and out the other.

Iwas depressed,assessed as Major depression,self medicating with alcohol and prescribed antidepressants.Trouble is alcohol is a depressant and it completely took my self preservation response and so the dropping overdose amounts of Anti depressants saw me in hospital several times from suicide attempts.

The pain mentally and physically was too much.I was lonely,yet I hated socialising.I felt hopeless,yet I had everything in front of me.I was hopeless,yet Iknew what to do,but couldn’t..I was sleeping 15 hrs a day,yet still exhausted,I read all I could to find out what happened to me,yet nothing made sense.So I continued drinking,a bottle of wine or 2 and a bottle of scotch most days.2 drinks was not enough and 2 drinks was too many,because I wouldn’t stop until I was paralytic,yet still able to find and swallow enough medication to ,which I hoped would end it all.It nearly did,several times

Much of what I’m about to say is from what my daughter told me about 1 occasion..She told me years later,How she was in emergency intensive care,where they pumped me with charcoal,and I flat lined 3 times.,bought back,3 times.And remembered the doctors saying,this man has got a heart like a ox,must be some reason for Him surviving.After 1 occasion,I was ordered to have ect,electro convulsive therapy,20 odd.

My daughter told me  when telling me this Dad God has got a reason your still alive,People still talk of your messages of the gospel of Grace,and He wants you to pick it up again.I knew this but ignored it.Couple Of years later,We was talking again and she said the same.I went home back to the other side of Australia and one day,I just decided not to drink anymore,and I haven’t had one since 4 years ago.That effectively stopped the suicide attempts.Yet,I was so sick,so depressed,so lonely,so hopeless,and helpless.I still had numerous suicide thought,but never acted on them,I would goto bed and ask god to not let me wake up,and was absolutely p…d off when I did,It was exhausting to function,to shower,to dress myself to do the normal basic things.

I started to have an interested I. Christian things ,joined some Christian FB groups,some were ok,some just slammed me.But I kept up searching the internet and listening to sermons on YouTube and come across a series of videos of Matt Chandler,(at the time I did t know he was a calvinist,but God used the 2 Nd video of his series “recovering redemption.”.

Buought me to my knees in repentance as He named 4 wells,that cannot help you,fix you,Living your life through your kids,wife,job church activities…..Only God can.I had lost my wife,I had lost my kids,I had lost my job and everything I had,all my investments,I had lost my health,mentally,spiritually and physically..

What God dealt with mostly was my pride,You Know pride comes before the fall.I was proud of my ministry,I was proud of my success in business,I was proud of everything I did,Not giving glory to God for enabling me to do all those things.My pride is what caused my downfall.

Mt kids relationship has been restored,my health is an ongoing issue,my mental health is something I have accepted and is a thorn in my flesh.

Looking. back,I was told you have a strong mind Trevor,What’s happened to you,pull your socks up,get over it,toughen up,there’s light at the end of the tunnel.If I was strong and saw a person that had become like I had,I would have been the same person telling them that.I was a hard,hard man.F….I’m good just ask me type of person,and get out of my way.

Suicide is something that people don’t want to talk about,mental illness is something people don’t want to talk about.But we have to,We ha e to watch out for people struggling,Get along side of them and build them up,not tear them down,with critical fingers pointingRetore them to a walk with God.If not saved,Incourage them with the message of Salvation,If backslidden encourage them to repentance and restoration,with God.He has not left them nor forsaken them.

Behold the Lords ears are not deaf,that He cannot hear,Nor His Hand to short that He cannot Save.

Here is the article

What Happens to Christians Who Commit Suicide?

suicideWhat do you say to the parents of a Christian teenager who has just killed himself? I faced this situation several years ago and, I have tell you, it’s not easy. Premature death is hard to handle at any time but suicide leaves loved ones bewildered at its senselessness.

It seems the subject of suicide is one of those sensitive issues that Christians don’t like to talk about. That’s probably because most of us don’t have anything good to say! Ask a believer, “What happens to Christians who kill themselves?” and you’ll likely get one of the following responses:

1.    They go to hell because they never repented for the sin of murder.
2.    It’s not up to us to judge – we don’t know what happens.
3.    It’s a grave sin but God will somehow take care of it in his mysterious ways.

None of these responses brings much comfort to those who are left behind. But happily none of these responses is true! Let’s compare each response with what the Bible says.

What does the Bible say about those who commit suicide?

First, do people who commit suicide go to hell? Not if they’re saved. Revelations 21:8 tells us that the lake of fire – whatever that is – will be full of murderers. But you don’t end up in the lake of fire because you are a murderer (see Rev 20:15). If murder sent you to hell, King David would be a goner. But it doesn’t and he isn’t.

But didn’t God say, “Thou shalt not murder”? He did – it’s the sixth commandment and part of the law. Do you know what the penalty for law-breaking is? Jesus said anyone who breaks the law is in danger of hellfire (Mt 5:22). But his words were directed to those who were born under law – not you (Rm 6:14). When Jesus went to the cross he fulfilled the requirements of the law on your behalf so that you might live free from its curse. Don’t look at your own obedience for salvation; look at his. On the cross Jesus carried the sins of the world and now you are completely and eternally forgiven.

But what about repentance? Don’t we have to repent in order to receive forgiveness? Isn’t this the stumbling block for those who kill themselves – that they never repent? No. We are not forgiven on the basis of anything we do or don’t do. We are forgiven because of what Jesus has done:

In him we have redemption through his blood, the forgiveness of sins, in accordance with the riches of God’s grace. (Eph 1:7)

In God’s eyes you are forgiven whether you repent or don’t repent. To say, you must repent to be forgiven, is to cheapen the riches of His grace. The blood of Jesus paid for the sins of the whole world – including the unrepentant and suicidal (1 Jn 2:2). This isn’t to say that the whole world is saved, for we all need to respond to the grace of God by faith (Eph 2:8). Everyone is forgiven but not everyone has received the gift of his righteousness (Rms 1:17). But we are talking here about people who are saved when they die. Can a Christian nullify God’s forgiveness by committing suicide? No – it’s impossible. God’s gifts are irrevocable.

Second, to say, “we don’t know what happens to Christians who kill themselves” merely reveals an ignorance of God’s promises. We do know what happens. They go to be with Jesus (Jn 3:16, 14:3). Some say that “suicide is a grave sin.” Is there any sin that’s not?

The good news is that God’s grace is greater than our gravest sins; His best is better than our worst (Rms 5:20). Just as we are not qualified by our good deeds, neither are we disqualified by our bad (see Col 1:12). We were condemned by Adam’s disobedience but now we have been justified through Christ’s obedience:

So then, just as sin ruled by means of death, so also God’s grace rules by means of righteousness, leading us to eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord. (Rms 5:21, GNB)

Third, to offer vague comfort by saying, “God will take care of it in some mysterious way,” is to insult the finished work of the cross. Take care of it? He already did! He came and died and rose again that we might have resurrection life:

“I am the resurrection and the life. He who believes in me will live, even though he dies.” (Jhn 11:25)

Look closely at this promise of Jesus and see if you can find any conditions pertaining to the means of death. There are none! The way in which you shrug off your earth-suit has absolutely no bearing on his promise of resurrection life. Whether you die in a house fire, from an over-dose, or go down with the Titanic, Jesus said, He who believes in me will live, even though he dies.

The main thing

For those who are left behind, suicide hits like a Mack truck. But allow me to bring some perspective to this issue. The single most important fact of your life is not where you were born or how you die, but whether you believe in Jesus – whether you have put your trust in him and confessed him as Lord.

You can be born a prince and die on a field of glory, but unless you know Jesus it’s all for naught. Conversely, you can be born a nobody and die a nobody but if Jesus knows you, all is eternally well! If you have lost someone to suicide and they belonged to Jesus, all is not lost! You will be with them again. Believe what God has promised and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

It is beyond the scope of this post to discuss those things that might drive a believer to suicide. Perhaps you find it inconceivable that someone acquainted with the goodness of God would ever consider ending their lives. But only God knows the depth of pain that some of our brothers and sisters have to endure in this world.

The teenager I mentioned at the top of this post took his own life because he was the ongoing victim of a sexual predator and he could see no other way out. Who am I to say that I would’ve chosen differently if I had been in his shoes? I’m not trying to justify suicide. I’m saying I can’t condemn those who, for reasons I cannot fathom, choose death over life.

It’s too late to help that young man but it’s not too late to comfort his parents and those of you who’ve lost loved ones to suicide. Maybe you have heard words of condemnation or hollow comfort. Maybe you’ve been be told that the one you lost is lost for eternity. If so, I encourage you to find rest in the grace of our loving Father and to cultivate the same conviction as Paul:

For I am convinced that neither death nor life, neither angels nor demons, neither the present nor the future, nor any powers, neither height nor depth, nor anything else in all creation, will be able to separate us from the love of God that is in Christ Jesus our Lord. (Rms 8:38-9)


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