It is for freedom Christ has set us free

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The lamb was slain before Adam ever sinned. Pause

Breath in… Now breath out.

Say after me…
The lamb was slain before sin was committed.

The blood of Jesus was not shed physically… It was shed spiritually – before the world was ever created.

What happened on the cross is only a physical display of a spiritual reality. Pause again

(Grab your Bible and see revelation 13:8 only if you doubt me.)

The day I realized that God forgave Adam before Adam even sinned, I wept at the magnitude and dimension of the Father’s Love.

God knew that Adam would sin… God knew the very moment when Adam sinned… Yet in the evening as it was His custom, God came looking for Adam despite his sinful state…(Our sin doesn’t affect God’s faithfulness towards us… But our guilt can). Adam’s problem was guilt… Guilt drove him away from the presence of the Father… The revelation of the Father’s Love is a direct attack on guilt…I have Conquered guilt… I have no shame… Like Paul, I boast in my weakness… Meaning that I am no longer ashamed of my mistakes… Yes, I did it, so what? Satan, get behind me. I am loved despite my shortcomings… The Father’s forgiveness for our sins is in ADVANCE – we are forgiven before the act. Believe this and Rest. Doubt this and die in the bondage of religious guilt. Your future sins have been forgiven… If this sounds like a license for you to go ahead to live carelessly, the laws of nature and laws of the state will deal with you… You will still be loved by God but go to jail … You will still be loved by God and get infected with STDs… So before you jump up and say you are free to sin because you are forgiven in advance, think ?again. But that’s by the way.

Friends, there’s a revelation I saw in Revelation 13:8…that the Lamb was slain before the foundation of the earth ? – a long time before Adam was even created and sinned.

Salvation is not God’s Option B, it is actually Option A… Redemption is not God’s alternative plan… Redemption is the original plan of God to relate with mankind. God always wanted to relate with man on the platform of Adoption through Grace to strip man of anything that could make him boast… No man can relate with God outside the Finished Work of Christ… The work of Grace was done before man ever sinned. This is the expression of the Father’s Love.

We are loved beyond description.

Religion distracted us from the love of the Father.

But we are all going back to the outstretched arms of The Father’s Love. We are free from the bondage of religion and its fear, guilt and judgment. We are righteous, holy and accepted by the Father despite the mistakes of our flesh. Our mind won’t play guilt on us again and make us run away from the presence of our loving Father when we err. We are FREE.


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