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Websites/Blogs exposing Calvinism

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And here are some quotes directly from Calvin, so you can see for yourself what he teaches: John Calvin Quotes – The Calvinism of John Calvin: Are Calvinists REALLY “Calvinists”?  I agree with this person that most Calvinists probably haven’t really studied what Calvinism teaches.  And if they did, they probably wouldn’t be so quick to call themselves “Calvinists.”  (I believe God allows sin and uses our self-chosen sin for His purposes, but He does not cause sin.)  And notice the interesting contradiction in the 7th quote down, starting with “How few are there who …”  In this, John Calvin stresses the point that there is no free-will, that we err to think we can have any thoughts or will of our own, and that the idea of free-will should be abolished.  BUT THEN, he goes on to say that he is unwilling to use the term himself, and that others should agree with him.  AS IF he and others can be willing or unwilling to do anything on their own – something he forcefully denies, but then claims he does.  Ha-ha-ha!  How contradictory!  And he also alludes to the idea that it’s best for us to get truth from “lengthened discourse.”  I am guessing he means such as from his 1000+ pages of Institutes of the Christian Religion?  (Whereas the New Testament is about 300 pages long, and the book of John, which pretty much lays out the Gospel, is a fraction of that.  I guess God’s just too simple-minded to intelligently expound on Scripture as much as John Calvin did.  Good thing Calvin eventually came along to help God say what He wanted to say but coulnd’t!)  Sometimes, using too many words is a clue that you are elevating your own intelligence over God’s simple truths, and that you are complicating truth and trying to twist it into something it doesn’t say!  Trying to shove square pegs in round holes takes a lot of effort!

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Calvinism No More

Calvinism is not an academic debate. It’s a worldview that impacts God and the lives of Christians. Calvinism interprets life and existence through the lens of hyper sovereignty. Theologies shape our view of God, ourselves, the gospel, and salvation. These weighty matters are predicated on the character of the God we worship. Having lived through Calvinism, I know how a Calvinist thinks and reasons through the Word. My goal is to equip Christians to be free from the overflowing tide of Calvinism that is flooding the church today.

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